Tiny Home Living

This is tiny-home living in beautiful Deep East Texas in Shelby County. Enjoy the country life near Joaquin Texas located just a few minutes from beautiful Toledo Bend Reservoir, the largest lake in Texas! We are located at Crystal Lake Texas (crystallaketexas.com) which has grandfathered a wealth of history and legend. Joaquin is home to a fantastic school system and a growing community of business and development. College institutions are located less than an hour away in Carthage, Nacadoches and Shreveport. Remote access to corporate and distance learning is readily available with 200MB Windstream consumer high speed internet access. Fiber optic 1GB internet is also available.

Years ago most folks in deep East Texas pioneered the area and lived in modest tiny homes. The area is still dotted with tiny homes to this day that reflect a simpler time. We believe that times are changing and that many folks want a slower smaller pace of life that still benefits from the comforts of the modern age while downsizing from the complexities of large homes.

Custom Home Sites

Crystal Lake Estates contains over 100 acres of potential tiny home site locations across a rolling terrain of pine and oak trees. Each tiny home site is engineered and created with a consideration to design, flow and aesthetics. Sites can be custom engineered for additional features, terrain and landscaping considerations.

Front lot 1A overlooking Crystal lake and Highway 84. Call for pricing.
Front lot 2A near Highway 84. Call for pricing.
Center lot 3B near Park Road. Call for pricing.
Lot 4B near Park Road. Call for pricing.
View of Crystal Lake old trolley tower in the fall.
Lot 6B near Park Road. Call for pricing.
Lots on Beaver Lake via Beaver Lake Road. Call for pricing.
Lots on Beaver Lake via Beaver Lake Road. Call for pricing.
Topology map of Crystal Lake Estates in proximity to Crystal Lake actual location.
We build your tiny home to suit your vision and budget.


You might be an artist, you may be a professional or trades person. Whoever you are, you will love living at Crystal Lake Estates.

We provide a turnkey development that includes:

— Physical lot development – dirt removal/addition leveling, etc.

— Septic system planning, design and installation (local certificates)

— Water management and engineering for well water or city water systems

— Power plan development – Deep East Texas Coop (deepeast.com)

— Solar Power development as a supplement or as off-grid design

— Architectural assistance for your tiny home design

— Expert and experienced General Contractor subcontractor management of all trades/craft personnel – framing, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing subcontractors.

— Access to high speed Internet Service (200 MB and 1GB plans) via Windstream Communications

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You can reach us anytime at 214.649.2454 or visit any of the social media contacts.